Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missing in Action...ooppss..

I have been slacking... but I have a really good excuse.
I was on holiday!

Was in Singapore & Malaysia for our Christmas, New Year & Chinese New Year..

It was all good. Had lots of food, spent quality time with families & relatives, went out with few friends, had more food and ended up piling on 5 kgs!

Anyways, lets recall some of the food I've eaten:

Okra with Sambal

Different kind of Sausages - S'pore

Rice with Mixed Vegetables, otak otak and sambal - S'pore

Not so nice Mee Siam in S'pore

Fried green beans with chai poh - S'pore

Some Vegetables - S'pore

Chicken Rice in S'pore

Yong Tau Foo & Korean Fried Fish in S'pore

Sarawak Club Butter Prawns

Mee Pok

Mixed Vegetables with Sambal

Curly Noodle Kolomee

Straight Noodle Kolomee

The best Fried Kueh Tiaw at Arang Road cooked from a 'house' kopitiam

Kuih-pohpia, pangang, chau tau kuih, harm cin peng,
Lots of junk-food!

Tuna Salad at Delizze

Not so nice pizza at Delizze

Mushroom soup at Merdeka Palace

Char Kueh at Song Kheng Hai

Belacan Beehun at Song Kheng Hai

Whole Fish at Fisherman Restaurant

Lau Su Phan

Steam Prawns at Green Mountain

Beehun fried with Mani Chai

Midin with Red Wine & Ginger

Fresh Coconut Juice

Best Kolomee at Green Road

 Sarawak Laksa