Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's Left in the Fridge?!

The whole family have been very busy these past few days...well...except for little J of course.

We've been looking for a reliable company to mow the lawn.... asking neighbours to check on the fishes.... to collect our posts... packing.... getting gifts.... cleaning the house... all because we're going to Singapore and Malaysia for a long holiday. Seventy two days (72) to be exact!

If we were going for a short trip, it wouldn't be that difficult. We could leave for a week or two and the lawn will not over grown, the water in the aquarium will not decrease too much etc...but because we want little J to experience Chinese New Year and to visit all the relatives there (if  possible) we have more work to do prior to the holiday.

To think about it, going back for long holidays can be so much fun when we're there, but not fun at all before we reach the destination.

We also have to finish up the food in the fridge so we can unplug it and that's why I'm having this really simple lunch

grilled chicken breast with spicy mango chutney! YUM

I'll be blogging from Singapore and Malaysia starting from next week.